This blog is maintained by Glinda Harrison. I am a writer, a blogger, and an e-book aficionado. I am also a foodie and a TV and movie junkie. I am an admitted tech thrall. I am also wife and muse to Punk pioneer and jazz genius Skafish. In my day job, I am a record company minion.

I am an early adopter of the Amazon Kindle and am extremely passionate about ebooks. A lifelong reader, increasing vision problems had made reading extremely difficult until I bought my first Kindle in 2008. The Kindle literally changed my life.

Many of the blogs I read ony talk about ebooks from only one point of view – whether it that is that of the publisher, the writer or the reader. Each of those points of view has a different set of goals and a different agenda. I am interested in exploring those differences and nurturing areas of agreement, mutual interest and compromise.

When looking at ebooks, the most challenging obstacle for publishers, writers and readers is fear – fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of loss.

But I don’t think that ebooks are scary. I think that ebooks and ereaders are absolutely amazing. I think that if you give them a chance, you will think so too.

Disclosure: I do use affiliate links in some of my posts. It is how I support my habit of buying books, e-readers, tablets and other assorted bits of technology that I talk about here. Thank you for your support!

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  1. I love ebooks too. I have been a big fan for years. I love all books, whether they be paper or high tech. I’m also an author so I love the idea of having my books both ways. Like you I believe there is nothing to fear about ebooks, just enjoy the written word! 🙂

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