I need help with a questionnaire

I would like to put together a directory of digital and digital friendly presses for the eBook Evangelist blog. I would also like to feature a publisher once a month for a more in-depth look.

I am currently putting together a questionnaire. Some of the questions are obvious (like niche, genre, territory, etc.). But I am also interested in things like why you formed your own press or knowing what unique point of view your company brings to the table.

So, what I would like to know is what questions would *you* like to be asked? And would you be interested in participating in the directory or an interview? Please let me know in the comments.

News Bits and Bytes for February 9, 2012

Lots of news happening today:

Reports are saying that E-ink revenues are down for the month of January. A lot. However, downloads of digital media jumped in 2011. 

A big shake-up in the library lending world today. Penguin is terminating their agreement with Overdrive to supply library books. With Harper Collins still only offering libraries the crippleware 26 loan contract for books, Random House is essentially the only Big Six supplier of library books. If you pay attention to the subtext in the article about the meeting between publishers and the American Library Association, this should not come as too much of a surprise, unfortunately.

If you have been following the reaction to Amazon’s foray into the publishing world, the responses are still coming in. Today, Indie Commerce joins Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Indigo in boycotting Amazon titles. Interestingly, this article from Paid Content says they’re not – well not exactly, that is.

Mike Shatzkin has a very thoughtful take on the Amazon vs Barnes & Noble saga that I highly recommend reading!

And finally, from  Evo Terra (Podiobooks) and Jeff Moriarty’s “It Isn’t Rocket Surgery” broadcast, a rather extreme point of view on the quality of self-published ebooks on Amazon.com. Here’s the video:

International Kindle Touch WIFI

For my international friends (especially those in Canada and Australia who have been waiting for these) – I am hearing that the Kindle Touch WIFI is now available for shipment. There still has been no announcement from Amazon on the subject (even though I am seeing multiple blog entries about the product’s availability). When I go to the Kindle Touch page, I can’t see the international page as I am accessing it from the United States. 😦

I’ll let you know if that changes. If you see the international Touch available, please leave a comment and let me know!