Video Review of the new Paperwhite Kindle

Len Edgerly of the Kindle Chronicles just posted a great video review of the new Kindle Paperwhite.  I had initially decided to pass on any of the new Kindles,  but after seeing this, I am reconsidering. My husband inherited my Kindle Touch because I did not like the touch screen at all. This one seems much more responsive, but I am still not sure about no buttons (and no text-to-speech) at all. Take a look:

What do you think after seeing the Paperwhite in action?

International Kindle Touch WIFI

For my international friends (especially those in Canada and Australia who have been waiting for these) – I am hearing that the Kindle Touch WIFI is now available for shipment. There still has been no announcement from Amazon on the subject (even though I am seeing multiple blog entries about the product’s availability). When I go to the Kindle Touch page, I can’t see the international page as I am accessing it from the United States. 😦

I’ll let you know if that changes. If you see the international Touch available, please leave a comment and let me know!