Surprise, a new Nook…

As expected, Barnes and Noble today announced a new Nook. The wi-fi only device has a touch interface (no buttons) and is available for pre-order for $139. It is scheduled to ship in time for Father’s Day. You can read the press release here.

There is a PDF of the device features on Barnes & Noble’s website. There are also more images and video of the new device on the site.

Just yesterday, Kobo announced its new touch reader, which will sell for $129 and is also shipping in June.

This means lots more choices for consumers. Currently, Amazon is rumored to be working on an android tablet to compete with the Nook Color. It will be interesting to see if Sony responds with price changes or new devices of its own.

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Looking for a eReader deal?

Kindle 2I seem to get quite a few visitors looking for bargains on eReaders, so I thought I would pass these on. frequently has eReaders on sale. Like many of their items, these are refurbished, but the prices are quite reasonable. Today (May 23rd, 2011) there are several deals, probably because Barnes and Noble is scheduled to make a big announcement tomorrow that most experts are guessing will be about a new, improved eReader. Here are today’s deals:

Refurbished second generation Kindle – With 3G for only $89.99 plus $5 shipping

Refurbished Nook at from – Original Nook 3G and Wi-fi for only $85.00 plus $5 shipping

You can also find bargain eReaders on eBay. Today’s dailydeal is a brand new Nook Wi-fi for $99.00 with free shipping. Barnes & Noble also sells books, Nooks, the Nook color and various accessories for the Nook in their eBay store.

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iFlow is closing down

iFlow Reader has issued an announcement that they are ceasing operations May 31, 2011. The company states that its demise is due to Apple’s new 30% in-app pricing policies, saying:

We absolutely do not want to do this, but Apple has made it completely impossible for anyone but Apple to make a profit selling contemporary eBooks on any iOS device. We cannot survive selling books at a loss and so we are forced to go out of business. We bet everything on Apple and iOS and then Apple killed us by changing the rules in the middle of the game. This is a very sad day for innovation on iOS in this important application category. We are a small company that thought we could build a better product. We think that we did but we are powerless against Apple’s absolute control of the iOS platform.

The announcement also gives instructions for protecting access to previously purchased books, encouraging customers to back up books to their own computers.

iFlow ended the announcement with an invitation for customers to get involved:

If you think that this move by Apple is contrary to your interests as an iOS user then we urge you to email a complaint to Apple by clicking on the link below:

Email to: Steve Jobs, Philip Schiller, and Developer Programs at Apple

Those with questions can contact the company at:

(And check out the graphic on the announcement that depicts an Apple logo throwing the eReaders into the trash !)

May 4, 2011 is Day Against DRM

May 4th has been designated as the International Day Against DRM for 2011. DRM or Digital Rights Management, is the software that prevents copying of ebooks. It also prevents consumers from reading legitimately purchased ebooks on any device of their choosing.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can sign up for the 2011 Day Against DRM Mailing list.   There is also a 2011 Wiki page where you can learn more and take part in making plans for the day.