Penguin says users can’t sue

Paid Content is announcing that Kindle and NOOK users must accept arbitration instead of suing them in the pending class action lawsuits over ebook pricing. Penguin is using the rationale that users agreed to this in Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s terms of service for the ereader devices.
I am not a lawyer, but I don’t think the argument holds water. When the publishers put the agency model into effect, Amazon became their agent, not the other way around. Amazon even collected sales tax based on the publisher. It doesn’t make sense that the publisher can’t turn around and hide behind Amazon on this one.

Is it Midnight at the Well of Souls?

Any Jack L. Chalker fans out there?

A chance conversation overheard on Twitter today referencing sentient plant life started me thinking about the Well World series and the Czill species. It also led me to a very strange description in this alien wiki that sure doesn’t jive with my recollection of the books. Time for a re-read.

That thought, of course,  led me to search to see any of these incredible books were available as ebooks. And to my surprise, they are! Baen Books has them available, and at reasonable prices, starting with Midnight at the Well of Souls…

Have you ever read this incredible science-fiction series?

March 4-10, 2012 is Read an E-Book Week

March 4th through the 10th is Read an E-Book week! The yearly event is designed to promote and educate the public about e-books. You can learn more at the event’s official website. The site talks about the event’s history and gives updates on trends, contests and e-book news.

New this year, Canada has designated March as Read an E-Book Month.Not, if we could only get the US to go along…. But, for those of us who love ereading, this is a great excuse to celebrate and promote e-books all month long! Check back for more news….