Penguin says users can’t sue

Paid Content is announcing that Kindle and NOOK users must accept arbitration instead of suing them in the pending class action lawsuits over ebook pricing. Penguin is using the rationale that users agreed to this in Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s terms of service for the ereader devices.
I am not a lawyer, but I don’t think the argument holds water. When the publishers put the agency model into effect, Amazon became their agent, not the other way around. Amazon even collected sales tax based on the publisher. It doesn’t make sense that the publisher can’t turn around and hide behind Amazon on this one.

News Bits and Bytes for 10-20-2011

Kobo has announced their new color reader, the Vox. It is available for pre-order and will be shipping on October 28. You can read the press release here.  Kobo is also having a contest in which you can win a Vox.

According to this article from SlashGear, Amazon has added Kindles to their electronics trade in program.

What do you do if your beloved eReader is [Gasp] lost or stolen? This article from Mashable has some tips.

Barnes and Noble is expanding their Marketplace,  “adding over one million new products to the catalog,” according to today’s press release. 

For self-publishers, Amazon has announce Kindle Format 8, which has HTML 5 support. Read Mike Cane’s take on the news here.

Pandigital Novel 7 inch White on Sale

Bed, Bath & Beyond has the White Pandigital Novel Multimedia Tablet PC and Color eReader on sale. It is $169.99 with a $30.oo rebate. If you also have one of the store’s 20% coupons, you can get the item for a good price. They are also available for competitive prices at Radio Shack and Amazon.  (Note: Model number on this is the R70D256)

Like the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, Pandigital recently updated the Novel to add more android tablet functionality. These readers are tied to the Barnes and Noble bookstore. The major complaint seems to be the very slow response of the touchscreen. Read this review at CNET for the info.

That review was somewhat off-putting to me at least – a shame, because for that price (less than half the price of the Nook Color), I would have bought one.

How about you? Are you in the market for a tablet eReader? If so, what’s your price point and must-have feature?

Barnes & Noble Settles Lawsuit with Spring Design

According to eBookNewser, a settlement has been reached in the suit between Barnes & Noble and Spring Design.  The announcement follows the February 22, 2010 news that Spring Design is discontinuing it’s Alex ereader.

Under the terms of the confidential agreement, Barnes & Noble is granted a non-exclusive license for the use of Spring Design’s patents.