Pandigital Novel 7 inch White on Sale

Bed, Bath & Beyond has the White Pandigital Novel Multimedia Tablet PC and Color eReader on sale. It is $169.99 with a $30.oo rebate. If you also have one of the store’s 20% coupons, you can get the item for a good price. They are also available for competitive prices at Radio Shack and Amazon.  (Note: Model number on this is the R70D256)

Like the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, Pandigital recently updated the Novel to add more android tablet functionality. These readers are tied to the Barnes and Noble bookstore. The major complaint seems to be the very slow response of the touchscreen. Read this review at CNET for the info.

That review was somewhat off-putting to me at least – a shame, because for that price (less than half the price of the Nook Color), I would have bought one.

How about you? Are you in the market for a tablet eReader? If so, what’s your price point and must-have feature?

2 thoughts on “Pandigital Novel 7 inch White on Sale

  1. The reviews are based off of old firmware, and should not be looked to far into. After many updates by Pandigital (resulting in ultimate failure), the guys at have introduced a better firmware release that not only optimizes but completely unlocks the Pandigital.

    If purchasing a Pandigital 7″ Novel, I’d go for the WHITE version. It has a faster processor even with the small storage space. Buy a expansion SD card if you are worried about space – as that is your best solution.

    I own one, it is updated with the firmware found here:

    Runs fast, does not freeze, and after some remapping the device makes the perfect android slate for only $70 bucks depending on where you find one.

    I wouldn’t pass up on theses if you are a tech and know how to follow the firmware update instructions. DO NOT, go through pandigital! They lock your device down now.

    • CpU, thanks for the info. The prices on this are pretty good right now.

      I passed on the Pandigital because I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab which has a great touch screen. I also didn’t want a device that I would have to root to get the functionality that I wanted.

      But every time I see the price on this, I think, “Should I?” Good to know that you think that it is worth it.

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