Amazon Press Conference Coverage

Amazon’s Press Conference at Stage 37 in New York is scheduled to begin at 10 AM, eastern time.  If you are as eager as I am, here’s a guide to those who are live blogging the event:

Len Edgerly of The Kindle Chronicles will be live blogging for Kindle Nation Daily at

CNET’s David Carnoy will be live blogging for the tech site at 10AM at;txt.

Harry McCracken will be covering the event for Technologizer at

BGR will be covering the event at

Find any more? Please leave them in the comments.


Amazon’s new tablet revealed

The internet has been buzzing with speculation about whether or not Amazon’s press conference this Wednesday will anounce the long-awaited Amazon tablet. Acccording to Techcrunch, that’s exactly what will be announced. And the name of the device? The Kindle Fire.  Check out the article here.