March 4-10, 2012 is Read an E-Book Week

March 4th through the 10th is Read an E-Book week! The yearly event is designed to promote and educate the public about e-books. You can learn more at the event’s official website. The site talks about the event’s history and gives updates on trends, contests and e-book news.

New this year, Canada has designated March as Read an E-Book Month.Not, if we could only get the US to go along…. But, for those of us who love ereading, this is a great excuse to celebrate and promote e-books all month long! Check back for more news….

One thought on “March 4-10, 2012 is Read an E-Book Week

  1. Hi Glinda, I had no idea, glad you shined the light on this! You’d think I’d have my finger on the pulse, but nooooh! Wow, you’re on the ball, good we can turn to you! 😉

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