International Kindle Touch WIFI

For my international friends (especially those in Canada and Australia who have been waiting for these) – I am hearing that the Kindle Touch WIFI is now available for shipment. There still has been no announcement from Amazon on the subject (even though I am seeing multiple blog entries about the product’s availability). When I go to the Kindle Touch page, I can’t see the international page as I am accessing it from the United States. 😦

I’ll let you know if that changes. If you see the international Touch available, please leave a comment and let me know!

Is the Kindle 4 coming to Australia and beyond?

A reader on the Amazon message boards shared this link to an ad from Australian retailer Big W advertising a Kindle pre-order shipping on November, 7, 2011. I have also heard that it can be ordered from the Dick Smith stores in Australia.

Because it is international, this version is the same as the $109 Basic Kindle – there are no special offers. Also note that it is not the Touch version.

Does this mean that the rest of the world is probably not far behind?

(International users should check the Kindle page. I had heard that there are international landing pages for the basic Kindle available now, but since I am accessing the site from within the US, I can’t see them….)