New Kindle Notepad App

There’s a new Notepad App available for the Kindle that looks pretty interesting. The ability to take notes on the Kindle has been something that many users have been asking for. This one has many of the most requested features: Speed, searchability, ease of use and the ability to transfer files to a computer. The early reviews on the program are quite promising. And did I mention the fact that it’s only a dollar?

The developers have put some video explaining the use of the program on their blog.

A couple of caveats for new Kindle users: This is active Kindle content which does not work on the first generation Kindle (K1). It should work on the second generation Kindle (K2). As of March 17, the app is not yet available for purchase in Canada.

I just downloaded it myself and will do a review as soon as I have had a chance to work with it.

This blog entry composed while listening to Masaaki Suzuki’s Bach, J.S.: Motets

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