Anyone else have a problem with Canadian/UK spelling?

American versus Canadian/UK spelling – What do you think?

I tend to get confused if I don’t know going in. And sometimes, as Steve Vernon points out, trying to turn Canadian spelling in to what we are used to in the US makes it even more complicated. What’s your preference?


So what is wrong with this cover?

Some folks might say it is the spelling.

We Canadians have certain ways of spelling words.

What an American might call a “harbor” we call a “harbour”.

It isn’t pronounced ANY differently but we’ve got that darned letter “u” stuck there in the middle of it.

Speaking of middle if you row out into the heart of an American harbor you are probably at the center of things – but if you row out into the heart of a Canadian harbour you will find yourself at the centre.

Is this making sense?

Let us say that you are out there in the center of that American harbor and you wanted to practice up on your home surgery techniques – well, you might want to indulge in a little American anesthesia.

While, if you are practicing up on that Youtube video of “How…

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