The superiority of eBooks over paper books

Ha! John L. Monk wrote a funny piece on E versus P-books and why you should buy his e-book. It is a funny read (and great book). You can also read my review of the book on my personal blog at, 🙂

John L. Monk

A quick disclaimer before I get started.  I wrote and published “Kick” as an eBook, and though I have plans to release it as a physical, paper book, for now it’s available in digital format only (wherever eBooks are sold! Except Sony!). So it could be construed that the following list of pros and/or cons is somehow self-serving, and designed for the sole purpose of  funneling sales to my book, “Kick” (just follow the links over on the right for 260 pages of raw, sugary joy).

For the record: no, I’m not trying to steer sales to what may or may not be one of the greatest novels in the history of Western Civilization, and which can be purchased today, this very second, for $2.99 in digital format (while supplies last).

All that said, here’s why digital books are far superior to moldy old traditional books:

  1. It’s a little known…

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2 thoughts on “The superiority of eBooks over paper books

    • Yes! For the children! 🙂

      Actually, though, it is an important issue. I pretty much only read e-books anymore. I started this blog because I wanted every published book available as an e-book and wanted them available at a reasonable price. Still waiting, although it is getting better …. 🙂

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