Last minute Holiday gifts for the e-book lover

Wrapped Holiday GiftsWell, we are almost out of shopping days for the holidays. If you are still wracking your brain for a gift for that e-book reader or techie in your life, here are a few ideas for last minute gifts.

How about a device stand? While some cases and covers have a built in stand, many don’t have that feature. This is an example of a adjustable e-reader and tablet stand that fits both e-readers and tablets.

Another great gift is a portable battery charger. These are available as something small and  lipstick-sized or something larger that is capable of charging two smartphones.

If you need to connect a device on the go to charge or share data, a USB cable is one of those modern necessities. And they come in every color imaginable! You can choose small and flat for the traveler  or something made for multiple device connections. There are cables that are retractable or USB drives that come as key chains.

Audiobooks are very popular right now, making a set of ear buds another of those must-have items for everything from the phone to the e-reader or tablet. You can even buy travel cases for them. I have to confess, I carry a set in not only my purse, but in each of my bags for my Chromebook and e-reader.

In fact, they even make USB Travel Charger Kit that has a wall charger, a USB cable and a set of ear buds in a clamshell case.

Because we use our phones, tablets and e-readers so much, touch screen gloves are almost becoming a necessity, too. Because of their popularity, you can now find them available in anything from eco-friendly bamboo to fine Italian leather.

Gift Cards

Generally speaking, gift cards can seem like a very impersonal gift. To the e-book or e-music lover, however, a gift card makes a great gift. People who have e-readers tend to be avid readers and gift cards are a great way to say to someone, “Buy some books that make you happy!” They are also a fantastic accessory to give with a new e-reader or tablet. That way, the recipient can download something that they will enjoy, right out of the box.

You can find gift cards to go with all the major e-reader brands:

Remember, you can also send a gift directly from any Amazon, Barnes and Noble or iBook page. [I cannot figure out how to gift a book from the Kobo site directly without buying an e-gift card. If someone knows how, please let me know in the comments. :)]

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