Daily Links: CES 2015 Daily Digest

CES webJust a few of the more interesting new shiny gadgets and stories  from CES 2015:

E-ink Demos a 13.3″ Second Screen E-ink Monitor at CES 2015 (video) (Digital Reader)

CES Snapshot: Garmin’s Fashionable Fitness Tracker (Recode)

Android TV arrives at CES, quietly kicks Google TV to the curb (Ars Technica)

Quick look at Alcatel’s new affordable Pixi 3 line of phones (Android Central)

CES 2015: This 4K TV is thinner than a smartphone (USAToday)

Scout 5000 Is a Cutting-Edge Wearable—for Your Dog (reviewed.com)

You can check out the official CES website here.


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