March is National Reading Month

Library BooksMarch is National Reading Month and there are lots of ways to celebrate!

March 1-7, 2015 is Read an E-book Week.  The week is designed to bring together readers, authors and publishers, with lots of free and discounted books to encourage e-book discovery.  The official Facebook page for the event is here. The hashtag is #RAEW

You can also read about the history of the event in an article penned by Smashwords’s Mark Coker.  Smashwords has a page offering over 50,000 titles at prices that range from 25% off to totally free. Smashwords authors are encouraged to discount their books for the promotions.

Monday March 2nd: NEA’s Read Across America Day. This year’s book is the Dr. Seuss classic, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Read Across America has a presence on Facebook and TwitterThe hashtag is #readacrossamerica

Many libraries host a variety of of promotional events during the month. You can check the website of The American Library Association and your local library for more information. 🙂

Is your library celebrating this month?

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