International Day Against DRM

No DRM for the Web FBToday, May 6th, is the ninth annual Day against DRM. Digital rights management in one of the primary limitations affecting digital goods. It places controls on the access to books, movies, software on devices. It is a feature that keeps us from truly owning the content we purchase.  As digital content continues to rise in popularity, DRM, geo-blocking, licensing terms and file format types are important issues that affect our digital lives.

You can visit the official Defective by Design website for more information.


Image credit: From Defective by Design via Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

2 thoughts on “International Day Against DRM

    • Thanks, Carol! It is an interesting subject.

      Personally, I am not one of those people who refuses to buy products with DRM but do recognize it as serious issue that needs to be dealt with. It is frustrating that you may or may not be able to read an epub book you have bought and paid for on a different device just because of DRM, even though they are supposed to be the same type of file.There are ramifications there, especially for librarians and archivists.

      I am married to a musician and many areas of the music industry have moved totally away from DRM. The book industry has not. However you feel about it, it is part of a ongoing larger discussion on rights that is crucial to our digital future.

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