Library Corner: 6-20-2015

Library corner imageNearly 70 Writers, Scholars, and Leaders Sign Letter Supporting NYC Libraries (Infodocket)

Data Reinvents Libraries for the 21st Century (GovTech)

UK: Findings from Study on Remote Library Lending of E-Books Published (Infodocket)

Copy of original Star Wars script discovered in UNB library (CBC News)

Librarian of Congress Appoints Juan Felipe Herrera Poet Laureate, Digital Resource Guide Released (Infodocket)

Regina libraries won’t censor internet use, including porn (CKOM)

How the DPLA could turn itself into a real ‘public’ library system—and encourage billionaires to pay for it and an academic system (Library City)

Video: University of Minnesota Libraries Completes Digitization of More Than 4,500 Historical Aerial Photos of Minneapolis (Infodocket)

State Department Launches Redesigned Website (US Dept of State)

Cell phone book clubs: What they’re like and what they can do for K-12 kids, their parents and others (Library City)

Digital collections:

New Issue of Library of Congress Magazine Takes a Look at Collecting Comedy (Infodocket)

Publication of renowned American History archive complete (Sage)

Database of US Police Killings (Guardian)

Data Report: 21.3 Percent of U.S. Population Participates in Government Assistance Programs Each Month (Infodocket)

Michigan GIS Data (Michigan DTMB)

Air Polution Data (EPA Connect)

Earthquake map in real time for Oregon, California and the Pacific (The Oregonian)

Two New Databases: New America Foundation Launches “World of Drones” (Regulations and Civil Use of Drones) (Infodocket)

Getty Foundation Launches Searchable Online Grant Database (The Getty Iris)

U.S. Gov Docs: Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL) Expands Coverage and Welcomes Personal Members (Infodocket)

Worker Safety Groups Release New U.S. Worker Fatality Database (COSH)

A New Open Data Set of Wildlife Photos from the Serengeti Including 300,000 Tagged Images) (Infodocket)

With Google’s Support, Plant Biologists Build First Online Database Of All The World’s Plant Species (International Business Times)

Library Releases New Student Discovery Sets for Tablets (LOC)

Architecture: MIT’s Archnet Database Adds Images of Yemen (Infodocket)

About once a week, I post links to digital-related library news articles and information about digital collections available online.  I also post other links of interest about the digital life on the Google Plus eBook Evangelist Page.


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