So my computer hard drive died….

computer-problem-152211_1280Hey, fun times. My computer hard drive died and I have been hobbling along, trying to get by with my Chromebook and a few tablets.  It is just not working. Even checking email is a hassle. While I love my Chromebook, I am a power browser and trying to do daily link posts without crashing the few windows I can have open on 2GB of RAM has been frustrating.

Today, I ordered a new desktop computer and will be busy getting ready for the new machine and trying to figure out who can do data recovery on my old machine. Shopping for a new device as we are moving both into Windows 10 ecosystem and transitioning into a true cloud age of computing has been interesting. I work with most things from the cloud, but since I also make video and audio files and do recording, I need programs that can run locally too. (And, yes, there is a blog entry coming about the experience.)

Anyway, with all this going on, I will be taking a few days off from my regular daily posting schedule. That means no Friday Echo and no Daily Links and Deals posts. I may be posting the odd piece, but I probably will be not be back to a regular schedule for a few days.

I’ll be posting any interesting finds on Twitter, my Google Plus page and on the Ebook Evangelist Facebook page.

So, does anyone have any good computer malfunctions stories to share? Have you ever gotten “the click of death”?