Scotland’s Future in an e-book

scotland2Teleread has reported a story today that is an interesting blend of e-books and politics. Scotland is voting this fall on whether to become an independent nation. The government as created an e-book explaining its views on the pros and cons of the matter. It is available on the government website for free download in .epub and .mobi (Kindle) formats. You can also read it online.

The e-book is available for free via Amazon.  Even there, politics evidently prevail. At the time of this writing, the book had two reviews, averaging three stars. One was a five star review praising the concept of a democratic Scotland; the other, a one star labeling the work “an imaginative piece of writing.”  Both reviews are from December, 2013.

I have to say, this a great example of how e-books can make a contribution to society as a whole in spreading information. 🙂