2017 Oasis unboxing photos

My new 2017 Oasis arrived yesterday. I got the 32GB version. I am still in the process of setting up, so no real initial impressions so far.

Here are a few unboxing pictures:

The box in the sleeve:

The sleeve and the inner box:

Open box with the first view of the device:

Box contents and Kindle Tree logo:

Device on first setup screen and box content view:

Back of Oasis (in horizontal view):

Since I really prefer third-party covers to styles and prices of the Amazon ones, I haven’t bought a cover for the device yet, so my use of will be somewhat limited except at home.

The Kindle Oasis is currently sold out, with the next shipments expected later in November.


Why not unbox the phone underwater?

I guess nobody want to see another plain old unboxing video, even if it is for the Samsung Galaxy S7. After all, anybody can do that, right?

Well, T-Mobile decided not to subject us that kind of boredom. Instead, they opted to unbox the phone completely underwater and the results are hysterical! Have a look:

Via 9 to 5 Google