Happy Mother’s Day to my Kindle

Kindle 1Okay, who is this crazy lady and why is she wishing her Kindle a happy Mother’s Day?

Well, the truth is that for me, the Kindle and Mother’s Day are linked together in my mind. I received my first Kindle, what’s now called the Kindle 1, for Mother’s Day 2008. That makes six years of the magic of reading e-books for me. I still have my original Kindle – and it still works! Since then, I have owned most of the e-ink Kindle models and several Kindle Fires (with a couple of NOOKs thrown in, to boot). At this point, I could not imagine not having an e-reader to read on.

Since I am waxing nostalgic about my Kindles today, I was thrilled to see this article on The Goodereader on The History of the Kindle in Pictures. Take a look; it is a fascinating look at the changes in model styles over the past six years.

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