Ellis Peters’ Cadfael mysteries available as e-books

cadfaelOver the years, I have written about a lot of my favorite books that were not available as e-books. But thanks to the explosion of tablets, smartphones as well as e-ink devices, many, many backlist titles are finally appearing in digital editions. Today, I discovered that we can add all 21 of Ellis Peters’ Cadfael mysteries to the finally available as digital editions list! I am seeing publication dates of 2014, so I may have just missed these… They were previously only available in print or as audiobooks.

The books are published by Open Media and are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iTunes and other places where e-books are sold. The prices on the books  average in the $8 to $9 range; although today, I found the first title in the series, A Morbid Taste for Bones,  for only $3.82 ( The odd amount sounds like it might be  a price match to me.)

The Wikipedia article contains the series order and can be found here.

ETA: The Cadfael books are also available on the Scribd and Oyster services.

2 thoughts on “Ellis Peters’ Cadfael mysteries available as e-books

  1. I’m a fan of Cadfael, but have only seen the TV series. Maybe it’s time to read the books (well, at least the first, at that price). Looks like my library has a few of the books, as well as some audio… but there’s already a good-sized waiting list–to which I just added myself to for the second book. 🙂

    • Karen , I just found that the books are also available on the Scribd and Oyster subscription services, so there is another option for reading as well. I edited the article to reflect that fact.

      Interesting to see that there is a waiting list for the series! I know the books were popular; I can only imagine that the TV series has also evoked a lot of new interest, especially now that it is on Netflix. 🙂

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