Library Corner 5-20-2015

Library corner imageDo we need libraries? (Forbes)

Negeri library to have largest e-book collection in country ((Rakyat Post)

Hoopla Adds eBooks, Digital Comics to Its Pay-per-Loan Library Service (Ink, Bits & Pixels)

The principles for establishing international & interoperable rights statements (DPLA)

E-Books: Subscription Services vs. Libraries (Copyright and Technology)

You Can’t Defend Public Libraries and Oppose File-Sharing (Torrent Freak)

Report: An Arkansas Public Library System Begins Placing Restrictions on Use of 3D Printers (Infodocket)

This Library On A Chip Gives People Without Internet Access All The Information They Need (Fast Company)

Digital Collections:

Coming From National Library of Ireland in July: Materials From Catholic Parish Register Digitisation Project (Infodocket)

Top Metro Area Economies (U.S.) Mapped (Pew Trusts)

Datasets: Center for Medicare Studies Releases Prescriber-Level Medicare Data for the First Time (Infodocket)

National Museum of American History Debuts First e-Book Centered on Abraham Lincoln (Smithsonian)

Getty Research Releases Union List of Artist Names (ULAN) as Linked Open Data (LOD), Over 650,000 Names Included (Infodocket)

40,000 historical images of NZ’s Antarctic history preserved (Scoop.NZ)

Art History: 11,000 New Items Available Online From The World’s Largest Archive of British Art (Indodocket)

Penn Libraries Launches ‘OPenn’ Digital Resources Online Platform (Penn News)

New Legal Reference Resource: UK’s Supreme Court Launches On-Demand Video Archive (Infodocket)

A Drive-thru Library? New library serves growing community of commuters (My San Antonio)

About once a week, I post links to digital-related library news articles and information about digital collections available online.  I also post other links of interest about the digital life on the Google Plus eBook Evangelist Page.








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