Roundup of Kindle Fire Reviews

fire tablets newSince I didn’t buy one of the new Fire tablets myself, I have been avidly reading reviews on the new product line. I thought it would be nice to  do a roundup of some of the reviews I’ve read. This is a mix of text and video reviews. There are also several comparison reviews.

For the 7″ Fire:

First Look: Amazon ‘s $50 Fire Tablet (Teleread)

New Fire tablet doesn’t like ebooks stored on an SD card but it’s in stock at Best Buy (The Digital Reader)

Fire Tablet First Impressions video (The eBook Reader)

Here are two video reviews from The Kindle Chronicles’ Len Edgerly:

First, a video review of the 7″ Fire:

Then, a video comparison between the new Fire 7″ and 8″ tablets:

For the Fire HD 8:

Amazon Fire HD 8 – (PC Magazine)

Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 adds removable memory and more (Techcrunch)

For the Fire HD 10:

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10 Review (Mashable)

Amazon’s new Kindle HD 10 – Not the tablet anyone is looking for (Extreme Tech)

Amazon Fire HD 10 roundup: first impressions of Experts (TechTimes)

Fire HD 10 comparison review vs Lenovo Tab 2 A10 Tablet (The eBook Reader)

There are some interesting insights in the reviews, especially about the tablets’ OS, speed, resolution, and working with the SD memory card.

Also worth noting is this post about the warranty on the 7″ model. In case you missed the fine print on the product page, that $50 Fire only comes with a 90 day warranty.

So far, I am pretty happy with my decision not to buy. I may change my mind when the new OS 5 Bellini update hits my two Fire HD 6 tablets, but so far, I haven’t read anything that tempts me to buy one.

How about you?

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