Daily Links: Why 1904 testing methods should not be used for today’s students

daily_links_1Todays interesting finds:

Why 1904 testing methods should not be used for today’s students (The Conversation) – Profound and thought-provoking piece on testing. We have known for a long time that standardized testing  on test for IQ and SATs doesn’t account well for differences in culture and income. Why are we still using it?

Three Reasons Why Google Is Bringing Google Plus Back to Life (ReCode) – I am very active on Google Plus, especially on the eBook Evangelist Page, but I have very mixed feelings about this change.

Don’t want to install that smartphone app? With Google, you may not have to (CNET) – This sounds like an interesting idea that actually makes sense.

Mossberg: Can a $150 Windows laptop be any good?(The Verge) – Is Lenovo competing with HP for the low end market? (This is supposed to be a Best Buy exclusive, but I did find on Amazon at a higher price... ???)

First look: Orient Express History, an eBook app for the iPad (Talking New Media) – Looking for e-books to evolve?This looks as much at format as content.

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