Daily Links: More than half of Americans now watch Netflix

daily_links_1A few interesting links for today:

More than half of Americans now watch Netflix (Quartz) – Does any one find this surprising?

Following The Launch Of Its Ad-Free Tier, Hulu Breaks Into The Top 10 Apps By Revenue (Techcrunch) – Coming from someone who has tried it, I can tell you this is no surprise. Ad-free Hulu is addictive.

Why ‘Cool’ Is Still Cool (NYT) – The popularity and longevity of slang….

Privacy Not Included: Federal Law Lags Behind New Tech (ProPublica) – From a privacy perspective, this is a really disturbing read. If you thought that HIPPA covered it all, this is a big surprise!

Readbug Wants To Be Spotify For Indie Magazines (Techcrunch) – Not so sure about this one….

Looking for a tablet for the kiddies? As part of Black Friday Deals Week, you can get $15 off the 7″ Fire Kids Edition. It is priced at #84.99 until November 30, 2015 and includes the 7″ Fire, a kid-proof case and 1 year of Kindle Free Time.

Daily Links are interesting links I discover as I go about my online day. The frequency and number of links posted depend upon the daily news. I also post other, different links of interest on the Google Plus eBook Evangelist Page.