Which is it: e-book or ebook?

Letter eI am in the midst of writing an article and got distracted by how to spell the word e-book. I tend to use e-book because that is what I thought the dictionary said to use. After all, e-reader is correct. Many online publications, especially British ones, just use ebook. The article I am quoting from just uses ebook.

I went back again to check the dictionary, hoping there had been a change. No luck . The Oxford says e-book.  Merriam-Webster also says e-book. Confusingly, Dictionary.com gives both spellings, along with my personal favorite, the camelback style, eBook.  And, according to Grammar Girl, the AP style guides says e-book.

So I find myself in the awkward position of either having to correct the original copy if I use e-book, use [sic], or have mixed styles on the blog post. Or, I can just give in and write ebook like every other blog I read.


Which form do you use?

6 thoughts on “Which is it: e-book or ebook?

  1. My rues is that the only time it’s okay to to use a dash in a word is when you might also use the longer version.

    For example, ebook is short for electronic book, but you would never say the longer version so I would leave out the dash.

    • Nate, that makes perfect sense. Since I am almost at the “To heck with it, let’s just use ebook” stage, I may borrow your rationale, dictionaries be damned! 🙂

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