Amazon Raises Free Shipping Threshold

amazon_pkg_smOnce again, has raised the amount of merchandise  you have to order to be eligible for free shipping. Formerly $35, you now have to purchase $49 worth of items to get the free shipping. For book orders  you only need $25 to get you order shipped for free. Once you hit the $25 mark for books, you can add other merchandise without worrying about the $49 threshold. When Amazon started offering free shipping, formerly called Super Saver Shipping, the purchase threshold was only $25.

There have been a lot of articles talking about future options for Amazon’s delivery woes, whether that is using delivery drones or hiring Uber-like drivers to deliver product. Pundits have clearly emphasized that logistics and delivery are problems Amazon needs to solve in order to move forward. It is difficult to say whether this latest change is meant to offset the damage shipping costs cause to the company’s bottom line or is designed to make Amazon Prime more attracted to customers who still haven’t tried it.

There’s no doubt this makes Amazon Prime a more attractive proposition. Prime members get free two day shipping and a host of other benefits such as vidoes, music, ebook loans for Kindle owners and free cloud photo storage.

I posted the link to this a few days ago, but it is probably even more relevant now. Here’s an article from CNET giving you 5 shipping tricks you can use to reach the threshold even if you don’t have Prime.

You can find more information about the new free shipping requirements here.

Note: Amazon UK raised its threshold last May to £10 for books and £20 for other items. Those requirements remain unchanged.



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