Unhappy with Your OS 5 Fire Tablet Update?

fire HDXEarlier this week, my Fire HD 6 updated to OS 5.1.1 Bellini. I started to write a post on the topic, , but there didn’t seem to be a lot of fuss about it so I put it on hold. Today, however,  I seem to be getting a lot of hits on an old Fire OS update post looking for information on the latest update for the tire Tablets.  And, so….

Last December, Amazon said that they would provide an update to OS “Bellini” for older Fire tablets. That 5.1.1 update rolled out  over the last week for a lot of people  and there have been a lot of complaints. For the record, my own personal  comment was “Yuck!” Add in the recent update for the Paperwhite and there are a lot of unhappy customers.

A look on the Amazon discussion forums shows some interesting threads on the topic:

Complaints range from anger at the change, tales of features not working to stories of children coming to their parents in tears because they can’t figure out what happened.

Personally, I can understand the frustration. The night before the update, I was reading a book on my Scribd app. The next day, it was like a totally different device. That’s one thing that doesn’t happen with a physical book.! It wasn;t that big of a shock for me because had already used the Bellini OS on the $49 Fire 7. If you are used to the older OS, it is quite different. I hate the fact that I have to be more careful abut swiping the lock screen now. The new OS is much more sensitive to where you swipe than the older version was.

In an unusual move for Amazon, they are allowing customers who own certain models to downgrade the OS back to the old version, OS 4. Check your Manage Your Content and Devices page to see if your model is  eligible for the downgrade. (See photo.)

device option os updateThere are a couple of caveats, however. Downgrading involves a factory reset, meaning that you will lose everything on your Fire. Everything will have to be reinstalled from the cloud, so make sure you have synced and backed up all your personal documents. All your apps and anything sideloaded will have to be reinstalled.

Also be aware that your downgrade may not happen right away. You initiate the downgrade from the Manage Your Content and Devices page and it can take up to 72 hours. You must leave you device turned on with wi-fi enable and make sure your battery is charged at least 50%.

Amazon has a help page with instructions specifically  for  downgrading here. Even if you downgrade, you will still have the option to upgrade at a later time.

So, how do you feel about the update? Love it or hate it? Are you downgrading or deciding to live with it?

Daily Links and Deals: Lacking a librarian, a school tries to promote reading

daily_links_1Daily Links for Sunday, February 28, 2016:

Lacking a librarian, a school tries to promote reading (The Notebook) –  What happens when your school doesn’t have a librarian?

New Research Briefing on “Public Libraries in England” Published by House of Commons Library (Infodocket) – An interesting report on the situation with library closings in  the UK.

Self-Driving Cars And The Kobayashi Maru (Techcrunch) – Really interesting post, with bonus points for the Star Trek reference!

Clearing Google’s hurdle, Brave’s ad-blocking browser arrives (CNET) – How does a mobile browser with built in ad capability sound?

Deals of the Day:

Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals include The Pearl that Broke Its Shell by Nadia Hashimi for $1.99 and a selection of Arthur C. Clarke’s works, including Dolphin Island for $1.99.

The Barnes and Noble Nook Daily Find is  Showgirls, Teen Wolves, and Astro Zombies: A Film Critic’s Year-Long Quest to Find the Worst Movie Ever Made by Michael Adams for $1.99. The Romance Daily Find is Winterkill by P.H. Turner for 99 cents.

Kobo’s Daily Deal is Snobs by Julian Fellowes for $2.99.  Two days left in the Kobo store’s  30% Off Sale.  It ends February 29 and you must use coupon code 30FEB to claim your discount. .

iTunes’ Weekly Bestsellers Under $4 includes Just Desserts: A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery by Mary Daheim for 99 cents.

(A note on Daily Deals: All prices current at the time of posting and subject to change. Most items marked Daily Deals are good for only the day posted.

Many large promotions have discount pricing that is set by the publisher. This usually means that titles can be found at a discount price across most platforms (with iTunes sometimes being the exception). If you have a favorite retailer you like to patronize, check the title on that website. There is a good chance that they will be matching the sale price.)

Daily Links are interesting links I discover as I go about my online day. The frequency and number of links posted depend upon the daily news. I also post other, different links of interest on Twitter and on the Google Plus eBook Evangelist Page.