Amazon nags via snail mail, too….

In today’s snail mail:

kindle update mail

They are postcards sent to my husband and me reminding us that our kindles need a critical update. Postcards? From Amazon?

The irony: I tried to update one of my older e-ink devices yesterday, and for some reason, the update failed. I followed all the directions, but nothing happened. I am trying the others tonight, then calling Amazon tomorrow to try to pin down the problem (if necessary). I will post an update after I call. If I have to manually update all these Kindles, I am not gonna be happy…. 😦

How did your updates go?

7 thoughts on “Amazon nags via snail mail, too….

    • Yeah, snail mail! Good to know they are really trying to make sure customers are still connected, LOL! I’m glad yours went smoothly!

    • I remember making a note of that program when I read your original article, Chris. Luckily for me, I didn’t need that kind of help. My problem was a software/wifi issue, not a bricked Kindle. I had to update manually, which then fixed the wifi issue, so now I am good to go. 🙂

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