Free Digital Comics and Graphic Novels

walking_deadLooking for digital comics and graphic novels that you can read in an ebook format or online? There is actually a lot of free content available, particularly if you like older comics. Here’s a look at a few of the options out there:

Your Library

This is the first place to look! Most libraries offer some digital comics as part of the digital collections. The collection will vary from library to library and depend on the delivery service your library uses (Overdrive, Hoopla, etc).


Newer comics:

Dark Horse Comics: Retailer Dark Horse offers a selection of over a hundred digital comics that can be downloaded for free. (App for Web, iOS, Android)

DriveThruComics: Retailer DriveThruComics offers a large selection of free and pay-what-you-want comics along with their regular paid selections.

ComiXology:  ComiXology (owned by Amazon) has a selection of curated free comics that includes Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and more.

Amazon: Since Amazon bought out Comixology, they have a whole category of Comics and Graphic novels on the site. You can search by price from low to high and find a large number of free comics.

Older comics:

ComicBookPlus: Comicbookplus has a huge collection of Silver and Golden age comics, as well as comic strips, non-English comics and pulp fiction graphic novels.

Digital Comic Museum:  The Digital Comics Museum offers over 15.000 free comics. All were published before 1959 and are in the public domain.

The Internet Archive:  The Internet Archive is a treasure trove of works in the public domain. Includes manga and Ace comics and so much more. They are always adding new items to their collection.

The Pulp Fiction Archive: The Pulp Fiction Archive has also some comics in its collection.

Included with Books Subscriptions

Kindle Unlimited: Over 6,000 comics are available in the Kindle Unlimited all-you-can read subscription service.

Scribd: Scribd has a number of comic in their catalog, including Marvel, Dynamite and other publishers. How much content is available

Comic Subscriptions

If you are a heavy comics reader, there are several services that do all-comic subscription services.

Marvel Unlimited: Marvel Unlimited is a $9.99 per month subscription service that offers only comics from the Marvel comic universe.

Comicblitz (iOS comaptibilty only) Comicblitz is a comic subscription service that offers an all-you-can-read selection of thousands of comics and graphic novels from various publishers. $9.99 per month. (You get 5 free issues on signup.)

(This is a updated and expanded version of  a previous post, Free Comic Books. )

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