2 thoughts on “Library ebook poll

  1. I see one question-based issue with this poll, because sometimes I do both. It depends on how good the book is or how important it is to what I am working on at the time. If it’s not so important, they often expire. That’s the case about one third of the time, so I still picked the “return manually”.

    Also worth noting: when answering this from the blog summary, it tallied my answer and when I came here to suggest a third answer, it opened the ability to vote again, which will allow for at least 2 votes.

    Good luck with your poll!

    No matter what, this is a lovely blog and thanks for all the great information you provide.

    • Mary, I am guilty of binary thinking here. I never thought that both could be an answer…. And thanks for the heads up on the poll allowing for more than one vote. This was just meant to be a casual way of finding out which way people leaned on the issue, so it is not that big of a concern, but it is good to know for the future! Thanks for stopping by!

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