eBooks in the wild: the times, they are a-changing…

I bought my first Kindle in May of 2008. In the beginning, when I used to take it out with me, no one knew what it was.

During the following year and a half, the responses began to change to “Is that one of those eReaders?” or “Is that a Kindle?” Many people still went on to say that they had never actually seen one, but more and more people were familiar with what an eReader was.

Over this last week, I was at the hospital twice for some medical tests. Both times, members of the staff recognized the Kindle. One of the nurses was considering buying one for her daughter. One of the lab technicians even told me that one of her co-workers there at the hospital had a Kindle and she was thinking of buying her own.

I find these changes especially interesting, given the fact that here in Northwest Indiana, I have never actually seen anyone else with any type of an eReader when I have been out and about. What about you? Any eReader sightings in the wild?

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