Library Corner: 12/21/2014

Library corner imageThe week in library news:

Sighart Report warns of “absolute disaster” in UK library services (Teleread)

Librarians are continuing to defend open access to web as a public service (Techdirt)

The Real Costs of Open Access Publishing (Teleread)

The National Library of Australia now has the largest freely available collection of digitised newspapers in the world   (Medianet)

Jisc releases report on ethical and legal challenges of learning analytics (JISC)

Reporters Committee For Freedom of the Press Sues University Of California For Access To Historic Gov Docs Held at UC Berkeley Library (Reporter’s Committee)

Open Clarity on Open Licenses  (

“The Promise and Problems of the Visual E-Book: Call for an Alliance between Authors and Librarians” (Infodocket)

France: Agreement Signed to Facilitate E-Lending in French Public Libraries  (Infodocket)

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Last minute Holiday gifts for the e-book lover

Wrapped Holiday GiftsWell, we are almost out of shopping days for the holidays. If you are still wracking your brain for a gift for that e-book reader or techie in your life, here are a few ideas for last minute gifts.

How about a device stand? While some cases and covers have a built in stand, many don’t have that feature. This is an example of a adjustable e-reader and tablet stand that fits both e-readers and tablets.

Another great gift is a portable battery charger. These are available as something small and  lipstick-sized or something larger that is capable of charging two smartphones.

If you need to connect a device on the go to charge or share data, a USB cable is one of those modern necessities. And they come in every color imaginable! You can choose small and flat for the traveler  or something made for multiple device connections. There are cables that are retractable or USB drives that come as key chains.

Audiobooks are very popular right now, making a set of ear buds another of those must-have items for everything from the phone to the e-reader or tablet. You can even buy travel cases for them. I have to confess, I carry a set in not only my purse, but in each of my bags for my Chromebook and e-reader.

In fact, they even make USB Travel Charger Kit that has a wall charger, a USB cable and a set of ear buds in a clamshell case.

Because we use our phones, tablets and e-readers so much, touch screen gloves are almost becoming a necessity, too. Because of their popularity, you can now find them available in anything from eco-friendly bamboo to fine Italian leather.

Gift Cards

Generally speaking, gift cards can seem like a very impersonal gift. To the e-book or e-music lover, however, a gift card makes a great gift. People who have e-readers tend to be avid readers and gift cards are a great way to say to someone, “Buy some books that make you happy!” They are also a fantastic accessory to give with a new e-reader or tablet. That way, the recipient can download something that they will enjoy, right out of the box.

You can find gift cards to go with all the major e-reader brands:

Remember, you can also send a gift directly from any Amazon, Barnes and Noble or iBook page. [I cannot figure out how to gift a book from the Kobo site directly without buying an e-gift card. If someone knows how, please let me know in the comments. :)]

Daily Links: Blackberry Classic launches today

Blackberry classicFor die-hard Blackberry fans, the factory unlocked BlackBerry Classic smartphone launched today for just $449. (Amazon)

Bloomsbury joins Oyster (Oysterbooks blog)

Macmillian reaches contract with Amazon, will try subscription services (Publishers Weekly)

Budapest’s beautiful book stations (Teleread)

Several IOS apps were updated:

Comcast will finally let Roku owners stream HBO and Showtime (Recode)

Amazon brings Kindle Unlimited to France and Brazil (Ebook Reader)


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Kindle covers for under $20

One of my Oberon Design Kindle covers

One of my Oberon Design Kindle covers

When I bought my first generation Kindle in May of 2008, I paid $400 for it. I bought myself a beautiful hand-made leather cover by Oberon Design that was one of the higher end covers available at the time. I bought a similar Oberon cover for my Kindle Keyboard. Over the years, I have found some fascinating one of a kind boutique covers for the Kindles I’ve owned.

But now, as Kindle prices have dropped (the basic Kindle is only $79), I am opting for less expensive covers. My criteria has become is price, ease of use and protection of my Kindle. (Okay, I am also guilty of just switching the covers out for variety.)

While there are a lot of expensive covers out there, there is also a nice selection of covers available for under $20. There are such a variety to choose from in style, design and color. These also make great gifts to go with that new Kindle.

Note: Prices can fluctuate, but all of these prices were below $20.00 except where noted when this was written. 

Covers and Cases:

MarBlue Vassen for Kindle Case, Black (Fits Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle and Kindle Touch) Low-profile and durable, this one reinforced the feeling of “book.”

Nupro Kindle Cover Simple and lightweight.

Fintie Kindle Paperwhite SmartShell Case Clamshell with sleep/wake feature. Also comes in slip-in and folio styles and color choices.

OMOTON Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover Lightweight with a sleep/wake feature. Great color choices.

Moko Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Case  I have this case myself. It is the one currently pictured in the header here on the blog. It is very slim, snug fitting cover. Plastic clamshell with vinyl design and sleep/wake feature.

MoKo Cover Case for Kindle Paperwhite My husband and I both have this case for our Paperwhites. There’s a nice flap for paper storage that I use a lot when at the doctor’s office and it has the sleep/wake feature .


Sleeves are a great multi-purpose solution. Most can be used for various brands of e-readers and tablets. Durability ranges from soft material to heavy padding, so you can choose a custom design and still find just the right level of protection for your needs. There are also large selections of new sleeves on sites like and

Bear Motion for Kindle – Premium Felt Sleeve Case for Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage This one is super lightweight.

PUNCHCASE By Leslie Hsu Ace Zip Around Cover This is a fun cover and has several more expensive design choices as well.

The Macbeth Collection Reversible Medium Sleeve for e-Books (MB-MD2OP) These are reversible and only $8.99!

BUILT Neoprene Sleeve for 8-inch e-reader or Tablet, Black These are very substantial. I have a variety of them: some have zippers, some have Velcro closures. They also fit so many devices that they are a must have item Built also makes a nicely styled Neoprene Envelope. 

And, if you are a DIYer, there are even books and patterns to sew or crochet ereader covers.


For some people, skins are an acquired taste or depend on the device itself. I have a rugged case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tablet that I love, especially because you can’t use magnetic covers on the Note devices. However, I put a skin on one of my basic Kindles and hated it. But, I ‘ve noticed that the people who like skins, REALLY like them.

Marware SportGrip Silicone Skin for Kindle Paperwhite This is pre-made silicon skin that adds protection and color to your device.

Decal Girl Skin Kits This kit has a thin silicon skin in pieces that you place on the Kindle. There is a wide variety of designs available. You can also get skins for everything from your Wii controler to your Nook.  This is great for the DIYer.

And finally, here is a final cover for only $1 more: Just $21.00.

BUILT Kindle Slim Folio Cover for Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite, Urban Camo There have been articles written about having a survival Kindle with all your prepper references pre-loaded onto it. If this one isn’t perfect for that, I don’t know what is. I may give in and buy this one before the end of the day myself, LOL!

Note to Readers: I plan on doing posts on budget covers for the Fires, Nooks, iPads and Galaxy tablets. 🙂

Daily Links: Kobo e-readers on sale

picture of Kobo ereader and coverKobo e-book readers on sale  (Ebook Reader)

Are e-book gift card sales on the rise or in decline? (Digital Reader)

Are you a subscriber? (Dear Author)

CIA Torture report to be released in print and digital (Publishers Weekly)

What devices are you reading on? (Teleread)


Daily Links are interesting links I discover as I go about my online day. The frequency and number of links posted depend upon the daily news. I also post other links of interest on the Google Plus eBook Evangelist Page.

HBO Go now available for the Fire TV

hboAmazon announced today that the HBO Go app is now available for the Fire TV. The app is said to be completely compatible with the Fire TV’s voice search feature. The app will be coming to the Fire TV Stick this spring.

To celebrate, the Fire TV will be on sale until December 28, 2014. The free HBO Go app is available at the Amazon App store.

Please note that in order for the HBO GO app to work, your must subscribe to the service through your cable or satellite provider. Your provider must also provide you mobile access to the app. To see if your provider is listed, check here.

HBO has announced plans to release a streaming app for non-cable subscribers in 2015.


For Sale: Kindles, Kindles, Kindles

paperwhiteWith only a few more online shopping days left until Christmas, Amazon is letting everyone know with prominent product placement and low, low prices that they REALLY, REALLY want you to buy Kindle and Fire devices this holiday season.

Today’s Gold Box Deal offers a variety of Kindle Fire HDX devices for sale at $125 off. And, most of the other tablets in the Fire line-up are on sale as well.

You can also check out the deals on other Kindle and Fire devices which are going for near Black Friday pricing. Amazon is offering up the basic Kindle for only $59 and the Paperwhite for only $99. The Fire TV is only $79 and the unlocked Fire Phone is also on sale.

If you are looking for a e-reader or a Fire tablet, TV or phone (either for yourself or a gift), it is hard to find prices much better than this…