Black Friday and Cyber Monday blues

This year, I didn’t buy a thing on black Friday or cyber Monday. Nothing. Nunca. Nada.

This is actually kind of unheard of for me,  especially given the fact that I’m such a technology buff.  Cyber Monday has actually been my favorite self-gifting holiday of the year.

Why the change this year?

I think a big part of the reason is the so many of the items offered for sale I already have.  I’ve already bought Echos, Echo Shows, Echo Dots, Kindle Paperwhites, a Kindle Oasis, Fire tablets,  Fire TV sticks,  etcetera. The picture in this post is just a few of the items that I already have (yes, there are more that arrived after I took that picture) and am currently testing to review.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the prices that these items have been offered at makes me wish that I hadn’t just recently bought them. But it’s really hard to get excited about bargains for things you already qwn.

How about you? Did this year’s cyber bargains interest you?

2 thoughts on “Black Friday and Cyber Monday blues

  1. We weren’t really tempted by the deals this year, even though we own none of those shiny things you shared. Would have been nice to see some decent airline discounts. Oh, we did get some half-price tickets to a Suns game, so yeah, there was that! I think we’re in ‘experiences, not stuff’ mode in this house.

  2. “Stuff” is part of my problem, too. I have devices I have replaced that I am prepping to donate/give away/sell. I really don’t want to bring in new stuff til I have cleared out the clutter of the old. I am trying to think twice before I buy a new device I want a new Chromebook, but don’t use my old one enough to justify the purchase – that type of thing. 😦

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