Daily Links: 50 Shades is back and more

First, some movie news: Fifty Shades of Grey is back on top of the bestseller lists again because of the movie trailer.  From Publisher’s Weekly

Also movie related, from Variety, Anne McCaffrey’s The Dragonriders of Pern series has been optioned for film.  (I am not holding my breath; I am still waiting for a film version of Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land.)

Like MOOCs? How about a free course in photojournalism from MIT? From LifeHacker

From Android Central, Amazon’s AppStore now available in more countries.

Daily Links are interesting links I discover as I go about my online day. The frequency and number of links posted depend upon the daily news.

Daily Links: Public Domain in the Digital Age

From BoingBoing, an interesting piece on the public domain in the digital age and the concept of copyfraud.

Open Culture has an article on the Speech Accent Archive – The English accents of people who speak 341 different languages.

Amazon has 31 apps for free today (Saturday) via the Amazon App Store.

And on Making Use Of, you will find game, productivity and musical apps are on sale or free for the iPad. Note that I found that some of the pricing did not apply when purchased through a device other than an iPad.

My E-book finds of the day are The Golem and the Jinni (P.S.) and The Secret Life of Pronouns: What Our Words Say About Us from my to-be-read list. They are each on sale today for only $1.99.

Daily Links are interesting links I discover as I go about my online day. The frequency and number of links posted depend upon the daily news.

Kindle Lending Library Details

Amazon explains the Kindle Lending Library program in more detail on their help page for the lending program.

A few main points:

  • The program is only for Amazon Prime Members
  • The program is only open to U.S. Kindle and Fire owners
  • The books can only be read on devices, not the software apps. They cannot be read on an iPod or iPhone.
  • The device must be registered to the same account as your Prime membership
  • The program does not begin until Thursday, November 3, 2011.
  • You can only read one book per month with no “roll-overs.”

iFlow is closing down

iFlow Reader has issued an announcement that they are ceasing operations May 31, 2011. The company states that its demise is due to Apple’s new 30% in-app pricing policies, saying:

We absolutely do not want to do this, but Apple has made it completely impossible for anyone but Apple to make a profit selling contemporary eBooks on any iOS device. We cannot survive selling books at a loss and so we are forced to go out of business. We bet everything on Apple and iOS and then Apple killed us by changing the rules in the middle of the game. This is a very sad day for innovation on iOS in this important application category. We are a small company that thought we could build a better product. We think that we did but we are powerless against Apple’s absolute control of the iOS platform.

The announcement also gives instructions for protecting access to previously purchased books, encouraging customers to back up books to their own computers.

iFlow ended the announcement with an invitation for customers to get involved:

If you think that this move by Apple is contrary to your interests as an iOS user then we urge you to email a complaint to Apple by clicking on the link below:

Email to: Steve Jobs, Philip Schiller, and Developer Programs at Apple

Those with questions can contact the company at:  support@iflowreader.com.

(And check out the graphic on the announcement that depicts an Apple logo throwing the eReaders into the trash !)

New Kindle Notepad App

There’s a new Notepad App available for the Kindle that looks pretty interesting. The ability to take notes on the Kindle has been something that many users have been asking for. This one has many of the most requested features: Speed, searchability, ease of use and the ability to transfer files to a computer. The early reviews on the program are quite promising. And did I mention the fact that it’s only a dollar?

The developers have put some video explaining the use of the program on their blog.

A couple of caveats for new Kindle users: This is active Kindle content which does not work on the first generation Kindle (K1). It should work on the second generation Kindle (K2). As of March 17, the app is not yet available for purchase in Canada.

I just downloaded it myself and will do a review as soon as I have had a chance to work with it.

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