Did your Fire Tablet just deregister itself?

fire HDXI am reading multiple reports on the Amazon forums that some people are having problems with their Fire tablets somehow spontaneously deregistering from their accounts. Members are reporting that all their books, personal photos, documents and emails are being wiped off the devices.

Many of the reports seem to involve the Fire HD 8.9, but I did see one reporting the problem on an Fire HD 8 and another reporting the issue on a Fire HD 6.

It’s not clear if this is an update gone wrong or a bug. It does seem to be specific to the Fire tablets and not the e-ink Kindles. The tablets seem to doing a factory reset while in sleep mode. One forum member said that they called customer service and were told that Amazon is working on the problem.

I don’t keep very many personal items on my Fire tablets, but I do have a couple of apps that I have to install manually as they are not in the app store. I did notice that the Scribd app was missing from my Fire HD 6, as well as a couple of others. So, I will be calling customer service later today to see what’s up.

Have you had a problem with your Fire tablet?

Update: I posted an update to this issue here.

Update 2: Amazon has posted an announcement on the issue. Post here.

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24 thoughts on “Did your Fire Tablet just deregister itself?

    • I suppose I better check that on mine…. Re-installing the Scribd APK at 3am was enough “fun” for one night…. 😦

  1. One just showed up in my comment section:

    I just LOST EVERYTHING on my Kindle Fire 8.9 (bought two years ago). Nothing on my DEVICE … nothing on the CLOUD. It said I was a new user and sign in. SO I DID … and I have been working for two hours trying to get everything back. But EVERYTHING will have to be RELOADED. And magazines I have SAVED for two years is GONE and it will only show 8 back issues!!!!!!!


  2. A lot of people are really unhappy. This is why I don’t keep anything on mine that isn’t backed up in the cloud somewhere. All my settings are changed. 😦

      • The fios mobile app was updated and no longer works on my kindle (bout a month ago), and now this, no apology. We ought to be compensated somehow.

        • This issue seems pretty widespread and a lot of people are very, very upset about it. Someone on one of the forums pointed out that this is the kind of problem you get with server side registration. At a minimum, we need a backup system so we can back up our personal data.

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  5. I came home from work to find mine reset today too! It seems really funny to me that so many would reset on the same day! What is up?!

    • Pingbacks are really slow today for some reason. I wrote an update to this post here: Update to the Fire reset issue.

      The jury is still out on what exactly is going on, but is seems to be a bug or glitch caused by an Amazon server-side update. It is a total nightmare for many people! 😦

    • Holly, did you try to re-register the device? What happened when you did. You may want to contact Kindle support so they can address your specific situation.

  6. I spent an hour on the phone with customer support & he finished up by saying “very sorry, it’s all lost” All my contacts & my complete calender. I’m devastated. Bye bye Kindle – changed to a Samsung tablet

    • Diane, a lot of people on the forums are feeling the way you are right now. This is the equivalent of your phone dying. It will be interesting to see how many Fire customers Amazon loses over this debacle. I have the feeling it may be a lot. This is simply devastating.

      • There may be a couple of different issues going on. At first my stuff wasn’t there on my HD 6, then later it was. Mine didn’t deregister, but it did change all the settings. And it wasn’t an update, because that had already happened. So I think more is going on than we know about.

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