Did your Fire tablet just de-register … again?

50_fireBack in April, there was a huge a problem with Fire tablets suddenly de-registering themselves. That issue predominantly affected the 8.9 Fire models.

There are multiple threads on the Amazon forums (such as the latest post on this thread), that indicates that the problem is back and it is affecting a lot more Fire tablets this time around. This time around, the problem seems to be involving the $50 fires and Fire tablets purchased for children that are running Freetime.

There are multiple descriptions of the devices spontaneously de-registering, profiles lost, and pins that will not work on the devices. Content, game progress and other data are also disappearing from the tablets. Many Fire owner owners have multiple Fires registered to their account and are reporting that it is the newer devices that are de-registering while the older ones are not. Some customers are also having a problem getting the devices to re-register when they try to correct the problem.

April’s de-registration issue was rumored to be a software glitch and this one may also be tied to a software update. One customer noted in this thread:

My two Fire Tabs for my young children spontaneously deregistered yesterday while they were charging, all content, progress and profiles appear to be lost and require you to start over completely. I put in a message to support and I have an email from them acknowledging this as a known problem on their end (server-side) and their only solution was to re-register and start over anew, losing any saved data and game progress. [Emphasis added]

It is also not clear from the forums if this problem also affects e-ink Kindles, particularly those for children. Some people are referring to problems with their children’s Kindle, but as people often interchange the name Kindle and Fire, I am not clear on which devices this problem actually affects.

More on this as additional info becomes available.

Related Update: Freetime update causes problems for children’s Fire tablets

12 thoughts on “Did your Fire tablet just de-register … again?

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    • Do you have Freetime on your Fires? According to reports, most of the current issues seem to be related to that. See this post update for more info.

      There was also a recent OS update that for certain Fire devices. You may want to call Kindle support for information relevant to your situation. Hope this helps! 🙂

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  4. 2 of our devices deregistered- of the only 3 that did not, one has a cracked screen & awaits repair & hasn’t been used in several months so it hasn’t been on & not had the opportunity, one was purchased this past xmas & is a kids fire (newest version meant to replace that cracked screen hdx of ours mentioned above) & the other is an hdx 7 of my daughters. The only 2 that have NOT are the ones that have cellular capability-that is the ONLY thing they have in common that the other 3 devices absolutely DO NOT share…(the 2 that still are registered happen to be hdx 7s for the record) I have gone in & disabled wifi capability for the moment on each (checked to ensure backup was on via settings & it was for each) & turned them OFF in hopes of at least preserving the remaining profile information AND the kids kindle freetime profile info as they share one profile among them-same id on all of our devices so there is EVERY CHANCE that at least SOME of the data is saved somewhere & preserved…if you have ANY remaining devices at home, you may want to disable any access to prevent updates from pushing thru & then verify backup was turned on & then turn the devices off until this issue gets resolved in hopes of preserving any existing profiles in theory.

  5. My kids’ three Kindle Fires spontaneously de-registered starting yesterday. Happened several times over the past couple days. Spent time on chat support yesterday and phone support today to see what’s going on. Seem to be working OK for now.

    • Our two fire HD 6 for the kids both deregistered today. I’m not surprised though. The fire is the most buggy device I’ve ever owned.

  6. Same here, but so far only one fire affected, even though we have three of that generation. The fire has now restarted twice, deregistering itself both times. Tech support apologetic, but months of lost Terraria progress is really crushing to a seven year old. This happened for all three of those tablets back in June.

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  8. My kindle fire HD 6 (not HD 8) has spontaneously deregistered 23 times since Christmas morning (not April or June), but when I reregister it I don’t lose any apps or progress on any games. can anyone tell me how to fix this?

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